June 13, 2024
How to Fix the Mobile Internet Speed in Ufone?
How to Fix the Mobile Internet Speed in Ufone?

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As Ufone is one of the leading providers of mobile services in Pakistan you might see that there are problems with the speed of the Internet.

How to Fix the Mobile Internet Speed in Ufone?

If mobile Internet has started to work poorly on your smartphone or tablet, use our instructions. 

Restart Your Smartphone

When the mobile Internet is not working, restarting the smartphone can help. Check the registration of the phone in the network. If there is a cross on the network status indicator at the top of the screen, then there is no connection.

If the reboot did not help, change the location – for example, go outside. Sometimes it is difficult for a cellular signal to get into enclosed spaces, elevators, and buildings with thick walls.

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Check the Balance

Check your phone balance. The balance will either be displayed in the window that appears, or you will receive an SMS. If the balance is zero or negative, replenish it to start using the mobile Internet again. With a negative balance, you will not be able to access the Internet, even if the traffic package has not yet been spent. 

Also, keep in mind that if you are visiting bookmakers for online cricket betting which is pretty common in Pakistan, you might have some difficulties. In some cases, a flow of people visits betting sites to place bets so you need to be aware of that.

Check the Signal

If the Internet is working, but too slowly, first of all, check which mobile Internet icon is Edge, 3G/H/H+, 4G/LTE. If this is Edge, then the slow Internet is here precisely because of it. Or rather, due to the fact that the phone fails to catch the signal of the network with high-speed Internet.

If the phone is connected to 4G (LTE), but the Internet is still slow, you need to pay attention to how many “sticks” of the network are lit in the network status icon. The more of them, the better the signal should be, and vice versa. If the signal strength is low, try going to the window if you are in an apartment or office, or go outside.

Sometimes the mobile Internet may be slower for some time, for example, during rush hours in transport or during public events. Most likely this is due to the increased load on the network in this place.

With the development of the network, over the past year, the speed of 4G Internet in Pakistan has skyrocketed. In practice, this means even faster sending of large files by e-mail, and downloading videos and games in high quality.

You can check the coverage of the network in the place you need on a special page on the operator’s website. The coverage of the 4G network is pretty decent in Pakistan

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Check Ufone Package

If there is a network signal, and the Internet, judging by the icon, should be fast, but the page does not load, then the problem is different. Check if the traffic package has ended. The easiest way to do this is with the app. Open the application and on the main screen, you will see how many gigabytes of traffic you have left.

If the traffic packet has not ended, but the Internet is slow, you need to figure out exactly how this happens – generally always, while working in your browser or, for example, in a certain application. 

If using the tips from the selection did not improve the speed of mobile Internet, contact Ufone customer support service. They will help their best to help you resolve the problem in no time and effectively. 

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