May 17, 2024
Perfect App Ecosystem
India's Great Leap Forward Towards the Perfect App Ecosystem

India is a country that is not only developing economically at an impressive rate but also technologically. Innovation amongst the relatively young and growing population is at an all-time high, and in certain areas of technology, India is pioneering and leading the way. And one particular area that we’re going to look at is how they are making huge steps towards building and achieving the perfect app ecosystem.

Perfect App Ecosystem

Before we look at how they are striding towards this achievement, first we’re going to look at what an app ecosystem is, as this may be a term that is quite unfamiliar to a lot of you. 

Firstly, we will look at what an app ecosystem is and why it is named as such. Following that, we are going to look at what the landscape looks like when it comes to the technology sector, the app ecosystem within India, how the future looks, and the crucial role that the app ecosystem will play as India continues to grow its economy and starts to become more and more prominent and influential on the world stage and throughout both the digital and global economies.

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What is an app ecosystem?

When we refer to an app ecosystem, we are referring to an ecosystem that supports applications. Each operation in a business should ideally have an application that complements it. For example, the finance arm of a business’s operations should have an app such as SAP that supports its operations and encourages automation.

The purpose behind why this should be encouraged is that it streamlines a business’s operations. The more complimentary an app is to that department’s operations, the less time has to be spent adjusting or changing a non-dedicated application to fit the needs of that particular department.

The reason that the term ecosystem is used is that, as you imagine any ecosystem, everything is connected. There are processes and operations in place that mean that apps in their respective operations work harmoniously together with little to no friction. If you think about our ecosystem as humans, there is a dependency on one another and also on the creatures around us.

For example, plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, while we, as humans, produce carbon dioxide and ingest oxygen. Meaning that we are both dependent on one another.

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Applying this to the scenario of different apps means that the system of apps within a business or an organisation’s operations are all interconnected and dependent. And so now that you understand what an app ecosystem is, the focus is going to be on how India is leading the way when it comes to achieving and perfecting a systemic and harmonious app ecosystem.

Due to the enthusiasm for technology and the young population in India and their passion for IT development, it’s no surprise that the app economy in India is the fastest-growing in the world. 

The size of the tech industry in India 

It’s also important for India to make sure that it has the perfect ecosystem, as this will act as the solid foundation for the country to really grow and to realise its full potential as it becomes the most populous nation on earth and races to become one of the biggest and fastest-growing economies in the world.

It is also needed to support the infrastructure of the country’s people. There are over 1.2 billion mobile users within the country, and over 700 million of its citizens have smartphones. 

Allow the economy to scale. 

With such a vast number of people with smartphones, a number that exceeds that of many different countries combined, in order to achieve the growth it needs, there needs to be a robust infrastructure there for people such as marketers and innovators to create platforms and products that will not only appeal to the domestic market but also to the international market.

And as the population continues to grow, this is going to become a very crowded place as businesses and entrepreneurs alike look to target the next billion people and grow themselves as businesses. 

It encourages start-ups.

This app ecosystem has also ensured that many start-ups in India have the support and technology there that they need. The number of start-ups within India, particularly in the technology sector, is growing year on year. And with the number of these start-ups that are also growing to fruition and becoming unicorns, they are also growing massively.

Over the past few years, the country has seen over 40 companies each year reach unicorn status, which is where the company itself is valued at over $1 billion. Many of these unicorns are also in the technology industry, and it’s thanks to the app ecosystem that it’s provided them with the platform to advertise and get themselves invested.

Google’s commitment to India’s app ecosystem

One of the giants in the industry, Google, has also committed itself to making significant investments in the technological ecosystem in India, stating its steadfast support for developers within India and stating that they have supported and provided over 2.5 million jobs in India through both themselves and their Android app ecosystem.

A lot of development work is also outsourced to India, as they have become a hub for both app and web development, usually undercutting the prices demanded by people from Western nations while at the same time delivering a solid quality of work. 

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In Summary 

Hopefully today you’ve understood more about what an app ecosystem is and the fundamental role it plays in any progressive and modern organisation, business, or country. We also hope that it has also been made clear just how fast the tech industry in India is growing and how important it is that they manage to implement and perfect their own app ecosystem.

And they need to keep continuing to invest in their own app ecosystem. Having other investors from abroad invest in the app ecosystem and allow them to grow at scale is key to India achieving its economic goals. 

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