July 23, 2024
ufone internet packages

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Ufone Internet Packages will be a great way to get hooked up with some high-speed internet. Whether you need only one device or all your gadgets have been going out on strikes together and refuse to stop — Ufone has got something for everyone! With four different plans at varying prices per month (including free minutes), speeds ranging from 128kbps – 2Mbps+, monthly hardware charges of PKR 10+/- each depending upon the Package selected, this isn’t just affordable access. It’s fast enough that even an elephant could run through butter here without breaking stride, thanks in part to their avidly priced add-on packs, including VDSL2/ADSL.

Ufone Internet Packages Pre-Paid and Post-Paid Subscribers

Pre-Paid Internet Packages

Dial *3# to find a broadband internet package that suits your needs. Ufone offers low rates for 3G service, with many types of plans and packages available at the touch of a button!

Ufone is a large and prestigious organization that has yet to upgrade its network services. Customers are eager for new developments. That can be delivered with the help of UFONE Internet Packages free social bundles. Such as Facebook or WhatsApp and other apps tailored specifically for them.

Ufone Internet Packages Hourly

Ufone is a popular telecom operator for its cheap services. What’s more, the company has not yet switched to 4G, which means that many people are still using 3G handsets with their internet access—a perfect match!

Ufone 3pe3 hourly package

UFONE just launched an attractive new offer called ‘3 PE 3’. Here your long-term interest in talking on the phone will be satisfied if you have friends who want some companionship during lonely times. Use this Karo poorly ghanta call now while it lasts. Because these offers only come around once every few years.

Now and then, we see a Telecommunication Operator offering such low-cost packages. For example, Ufone was the first to introduce their super card in Pakistan, which made our lives easier with economic plans available for purchase on top of it!

There is a list of some of the best Ufone bundles that you can use over time. These include their comprehensive hourly data plan!



Ufone Power Hour Packages


Package Name MBs/SMS/ Calling Minutes Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Ufone Power Hour 60 MB internet, 60 U-U minutes, 60 SMS *99# Automatically expires after 1 Hour Rs 10 Valid for an hour from the time of Activation
Streaming Offer 500 MB for DailyMotion & Youtube streaming *78# Automatically expires after 1 Hour Rs 10 Valid for an hour from the time of Activation

Ufone is now offering a brand new plan that includes 60 minutes of internet, unlimited SMS to any network, and MBs for all users. All you have to do is dial *99# once this offer goes live later today. Stay powered all day with Ufone Power Hour. This one-of-a-kind deal is available to subscribers on prepaid plans. So you can get your energy levels up and stay productive at any time of night or day.


Ufone Internet Packages Daily

Customers can subscribe to a package of Internet data from Ufone. The company offers three different packages, each with its benefits:

ufone internet packages daily

Now you can enjoy Ufone daily internet package for the whole night, This package is suitable for all who love to use the internet at night. You can activate these bundles any time and anywhere in a reasonable amount.


Special Daily Package

The Special Daily internet plan provides 500 MB (Facebook and Twitter included) plus 50MB. It is available only from 1 am to 9 pm on weekdays for Rs 6 per day! This bundle requires customers to dial *3461# or access via mobile app/website. Enter the code given to activate the offer online if not already done so. To check the remaining resources left over after using these services, call *706#.


Subscription *3461#
Price Rs 6
Validity 1 am to 9 pm

500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 50 MB internet


Daily Lite Package

Customers who are strong social media users will indeed like this Package as they get 500 MB (Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp) of + 40 MB for other things in Rs 12. This fantastic offer can be subscribed to by dialing *2258 from your mobile device or via the Ufone official website and app by customers interested in it!



Subscription *2256#
Price Rs 12
Validity 24 hours (1 day)

500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 40 MB internet, this package automatically expires after 24 hours.


Mega Ufone Internet Package

Prepaid customers who consume most data during the night can get this exclusive daily offer. They receive 2GB of internet access from 1 am to 8 am for only Rs 15. Interested users must use “My Ufone,” or *550# on their mobile device to activate it, and interested prepaid sim cardholders would be able to do so by dialing respective numbers such as *706#


Subscription *550#
Price Rs 15
Validity 1 am to 8 pm



Daily Heavy Package

This plan is best for people who are strong social media users. The Daily Higher offer will give you 500 MB (Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp) + 75MB of other things in just 18 RS/day! You can Subscribe. This fantastic deal can be subscribed to telephonically by dialing *2258# from your mobile device or via the Ufone official website/app with customers interested in this Package online right now.


Subscription *2258#
Price Rs 18
Validity 24 hours (1 day)

500 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 75 MB internet

Daily Pakistan Offer

The daily packages offered for Ufone’s customers get 100 minutes of talk time and 10 MB of the internet for Rs. 18, which includes all taxes (Rs 15). Customers can also activate “Daily Pakistan” offers through *888* on their mobile devices. Enjoy even more benefits like unlimited data usage with one-day validity or limited roaming packs at affordable prices every 24 hours only!

Daily Chat Package

Ufone’s Daily Chat bundle provides customers with 500 MB of WhatsApp data and 10,000 SMS for just Rs. 6 per day! Customers can subscribe by visiting the mobile app or calling *3465# on their cellular device. They’ll also have access to unique benefits if they dial *706* from within it before checking out any additional incentives available in this Package.


3 days Internet bucket

3 days bucket is available for 3 days from the day and time of activation.


Subscription *3350#
Price Rs 30
Validity 3 days

Suppose you use the internet infrequently to moderately. Then this three-day Ufone 3G package is perfect for your needs. You’ll enjoy videos and music on-demand, as well as Facebook connectivity with friends! With 500 MB of the social pack in addition to 100MB from previous purchases. It doesn’t take long before all new data has been utilized up – what do you have left? Take advantage today only while supplies last.



Ufone Internet Packages Weekly

Like other telecom providers, Ufone does not want its customers to have trouble figuring out which plan is right for them. That’s why they offer regular bundles based on the frequency of usage and weekly and monthly packages that suit nearly every need.

Ufone provides plans specifically designed by assessing what each customer requires, whether voice calls or data consumption.




 internet packages weekly


Best Ufone Weekly Internet Plan

There are lots of options out there for internet bundles, but Ufone has you covered. Choose from 3G networks to super fast 4G LTE services and all the data that goes along with it! Not only do they provide an unbeatable selection. But their prices also don’t even get close either. Thanks in large part due because we’re working with a straightforward goal. Make life easier for you and your family.

It’s finally happened! Ufone has announced that all 3G internet services are being updated. We will continue making changes to these packages for them to be perfect. In this segment, we’ll go over some of our favorite package options with you to see what kind of service is on offer before deciding which plan suits your needs at any given moment best.

Weekly Lite Package


Subscription *7811#
Price Rs 50
Validity 7 days

The Weekly Lite 3G package is perfect for those who want to use the internet on their phone but don’t need unlimited data and minutes. The 3G pack gives you 0 off-net minutes, 2000 MBS in total value, with 2GB Internet usage per week.

2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 250 MB internet


Weekly Super Internet Package

Ufone’s Weekly Super Internet Package is a great way to get internet access on demand. It provides users unlimited bandwidth and data for one week and free calls within Pakistan or internationally; it also has 1024 MB worth of mobile broadband each day (which you can upgrade up from 512). The only thing needed now is your UFONE credentials – follow these easy steps below!


Subscription *220#
Price Rs 130
Validity 7 days



Weekly Ufone Internet Plus

The Weekly Internet Plus promotion is a great way to get 3 GB of data in one week! You can watch movies, videos and communicate with friends on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, among other things. This Package will be suitable for the entire seven days without any interruptions. You won’t interfere with your fun from morning until nighttime entertainment. Which makes it ideal if you want quick access while browsing online shopping, etc. At the cost of only RS.175.


Subscription *260#
Price Rs 175
Validity 7 days

Weekly Heavy 3G Package

The Pakistani telecom company offers the Ufone Weekly Heavy 3G Package, which offers 500 MB of mobile internet and unlimited benefits throughout its 7-day validity for just 125 Rs per day! This heavy Package also includes 0 free SMSes or on-net minutes. It’s perfect if you want to surf without bandwidth limitations with this fantastic offer from one of Pakistan’s top providers. Still, now they are available even when there aren’t access points.

Asli Chapper Offer

Ufone offers a new bundle that includes 100 on-net minutes, 1GB of data, and SMSes to any network. This promotion will be available for 7 days with all Ufone prepaid subscribers, so it’s worth checking out!


Ufone Internet Packages For 15 Days

Ufone Super Mini Card

Ufone Mini Super Cards are the ultimate in convenience. You can get a super tiny card that includes 500 minutes of internet and 75 minutes offline, as well as 3500 SMS or 600 MB data with only Rs 330. This high-speed connection will allow you to watch movies on your phone without any buffering issues while using Whatsapp too!. To subscribe, dial *230*#. The offer is valid for 15 days.



Ufone Internet Packages Monthly


Monthly internet packages are more fun to use because these packages are valid for the whole month and you don’t have to worry about the expiry. Below is the procedure to check your bundle usage.


Monthly Lite Package

The Ufone Monthly Lite plan is perfect for those who want to stay connected and use the internet without having any bandwidth restrictions. For just Rs 390 (incl tax), you can access 1GB of high-speed internet and 2GB worth of social media bundles like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. This will help users explore all they could wish for on these platforms. You get uninterrupted service throughout your monthly duration. So enjoy streaming videos online or listening to music. Whenever it’s convenient for you – no matter how long we might be offline each day during our time, using a little bit here and there as required.



Subscription *7807#
Price Rs 250
Validity 30 days

2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 1 GB internet. You can check your remaining bundle by dialing *707#


Monthly Heavy Internet Package

Get up to 3072 GB of data with Ufone Monthly Heavy. You can watch movies, videos and communicate with friends on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook, among other things, in this plan that is valid for the entire month without interruption! At a minimal cost you get high-speed internet so enjoy yourself from morning till night. For just Rs 780, join now.


Subscription *803#
Price Rs 500
Validity 30 days

2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 3 GB internet


Monthly 3G lite

Super Card Plus Offer

Want to save money? Get all of your needs met at a cheaper cost with the new Ufone Super Card Plus. For just 599 rupees, you may get one month’s worth of on-net minutes (1200), 180 off-net numbers, and 4200 SMS messages. There are no time limits. So talk as much or message anyone. Additionally, use high-speed internet for back-to-back videos too – only 29Rs/GB!.

Get yourself an incredible deal when it comes down to purchasing this fantastic prepaid plan from Ufone in Pakistan called “Super Card Plus.”

Monthly Ufone 3G Internet Package

The Ufone Monthly 1 GB 3G bundle includes 2GB of the Social Bundle and a monthly data cap as high as 1024 GB. You will have unlimited access to Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram for the next 30 days! Enjoy watching movies on demand from morning until midnight with this fantastic offer that comes complete with daily news updates.

Monthly Pakistan Package

Ufone’s Monthly Pakistan Package is the perfect plan for people who want to enjoy their phones and internet connection. For just Rs 418 (Incl Tax) every month, you can surf the web on your phone no matter where it may be used in this country- even outside! You won’t have any trouble making calls since Ufone’s offers service through its network partners such as PTCL or VFONE.

Monthly 3G Package

The Ufone Monthly 3G Package is an excellent deal for anyone who needs to stay connected at all times. The social bundle includes 2GB of data, and the monthly maximum on this Package means you can surf up to 10 GB per month For only Rs 1,560. It’s never been easier than right now. Take advantage before time runs out. Get your mobile internet fix with ease by subscribing today.

Monthly Max Package

 This internet bundle from Ufone 4G, you get 10 GB of data and unlimited social browsing (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter). The monthly validity period is one month. To subscribe or unsubscribe, just dial *5100# or go to the app for convenience!


Subscription *5100#
Price Rs 1000
Validity 30 days

2 GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter & Line) + 10 GB internet



Terms and conditions


  • These Ufone internet packages are only for prepaid users.
  • You can activate a bucket at a time.
  • If You want to Subscribe to any bucket just dial dialing *3# and know more about buckets.
  • If you want to subscribe to another package so it is necessary to deactivate your previous package.
  • You can only activate a single bucket at a time, multiple buckets activation is not allowed.
  • By dialing *707# you will be able to check your current Social Media bucket usage.
  • By dialing *706# you will be able to check your data package usage.


Ufone Social Data Packages

The Monthly Social Internet Bundle is a new internet package from Ufone 4G that lasts for 30 days. With this bundle, you get 1 GB of high-speed unlimited data and unrestricted social browsing (WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Tweeter). The monthly validity period means the subscriber can use it anytime without any restrictions on their usage while also getting an extra month every year! To subscribe, dial *5858#.


Package Name Allowed Applications Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Social daily bucket WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter *4242# Type “Unsub” and send it to 5444 Rs 6 24 hours
Social monthly bucket WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter *5858# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month RS 60 1 month


Ufone Internet Packages for Postpaid Subscribers


By taking care of Postpaid users, Ufone is also offering many Internet bundles for their Postpaid customers.

Prime-Play 1000

Ufone Prime-Play 1000 is the perfect solution for those who are always on the go. With this bundle, you can enjoy unlimited access to videos and more! All of your favorite social media channels will be waiting in Whatsapp or Facebook so that there’s no way to worry about missing any important updates from friends or family members. Top it off is high-speed internet with a great plan priced at just Rs 100/month.

Prime-Paly 300

The Ufone Prime-Play 3000 bundle is the perfect way to get online with 3GB of data for an entire month. You can now access all your favorite online activities in high definition and stay entertained on Instagram or Facebook without worrying about running out of space. Grave the offer today and explore the world.


Package Name MBs Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Prime Play 1000 1000 MBs *323# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 100 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 3000 3000 MBs *434# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 250 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 6000 6000 MBs *656# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 500 Valid for 30 days
Prime Play 10000 10000 MBs *989# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 750 Valid for 30 days

Prime Play 6000

Ufone has launched a new plan with 6 GB of data for only 500 Rupees. You can watch videos and movies all month long without an additional cost. Connect to social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram as well while you’re on this fantastic offer from Prime Play6000. So that people know how much fun we are having together.

Prime-day 10000

Ufone Prime Play 10000 gives you 10 GB of data for the next 30 days, so use Whatsapp and Facebook as much as possible. There will be no interruptions in your internet connection while this promotion lasts! You can also take advantage of unlimited calls to local landlines. Mobile phones talk about global connectivity at their finest. Plus, other features like video calling on Skype and other things. Claim the Package to enjoy a better browsing experience.



Terms and Conditions


  • These Internet Packages are only for Postpaid users.
  • If you want to Subscribe to any bucket just dial dialing *3# and know more about buckets.
  • If you want to deactivate 3G services *7701#
  • If you want to check your current bucket usage then dial *4545#
  • You can only activate a single bucket at a time, multiple buckets activation is not allowed.


Uth Internet Packages


Package Name MBs Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
Daily Lethal Surfer 50 MBs *6850# Type “Unsub” and send it to 6851 Rs 10 24 hours (1 day)
Monthly 1.5 GB *6860# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 150 1 Month (30 days)
Super Monthly 4 GB *6870# The monthly Package will automatically expire after 1 month Rs 500 1 Month (30 days)

Uth internet package usage can be checked by simply dialing *706#

3G/4G Internet Buckets with Free On-net,off-net Minutes & SMS


Package Name MBs/SMS/ Calling Minutes Activation code Deactivation code Price Validity
3 days Hybrid Bucket 30 MBs, 300 U-U, PTCL and Vfone, 300 SMS *5353# The package will automatically expire after 3 days Rs 30 3 days
Mega Internet Offer 2 GB *550#   Rs 15 1 AM to 8 PM

Frequently Asked Questions about Ufone

Is There Any Way to Check My Ufone Sim Number?

Dial the code *780*3# to get information on your current Ufone number, including the owner’s name, the CNIC number on which your number is registered.

How to Check My Ufone Remaining Data Balance?

For the prepaid customers, dial 706#, and the postpaid customers will dial 4545# to check the Ufone remaining data balance.

How to Subscribe to Ufone Weekly Internet Packages Through Dialing?

There are a bunch of fantastic weekly packages offered by Ufone Pakistan. You can enjoy weekly Light Buckets starting at only 50 rupees for a week. Get more weekly internet plans on the above chart.

I Want to Subscribe to My Ufone Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Internet Packages. How Can I Do That?

You can find the USSD code for getting a subscription for each bundle according to your choices in the above table.

What Are The Best Internet Packages from Ufone Pakistan?

According to our statistics, Ufone users mostly enjoy daily internet packages. These internet plans provide the best value with more data at an affordable rate.

Can I Get Free Internet And Bonuses for My Ufone Number?

Dial *987# to get free internet bonuses for your Ufone number. You may get a big bonus of 5GB of data on the first try!

How Can I Activate The Ufone Super Internet Package?

Dial  *290# to activate Ufone Super Internet for your Ufone number. You may get 13 GB of internet data and 5GB of Whatsapp!

Can I Use Whatsapp Free on Ufone Pakistan?

Yes, in Pakistan, the Ufone internet is free for using Whatsapp. You can enjoy this free service by dialing *987# code. The subscription limit will be 2GB for each month.

How to Get A 10GB Ufone Internet Pack?

Dial *5100# to get one of the most usable internet subscriptions of 10GB at RS 1000 only!


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