April 11, 2024
PTCL complaint

PTCL Complaint Registration: If you face any problem like suppose your telephone line down, your internet broadband has connectivity issues or internet speed issue, your EVO single/ Charji device not getting signals or even speed of 3G and 4G. Simply call on PTCL helpline dial 1218. There are so many other ways to register your PTCL complaint, like online, through live chat, through SMS.

If you are a PTCL user and want to register your PTCL complaint, you don’t know how to register. Here is a complete detail, and links are provided to register your complaint online. You can also check the status of your complaint, so if you are facing any problem and want to register a complaint, read the page carefully and follow the instructions.

There are a few methods you can use to register your complaints.

  1. Complaint through SMS
  2. Complaint through calls on the given numbers
  3. Complaint through Live Chat
  4. Complaint through online portal form
  5. Register Complaint through SMS

1. PTCL SMS Complaint Procedure

  • Step 1 type: CMP in SMS
  • Step 2 type: Area code and landline number
  • Step 3 type: Product code
  • (For Landline: LL
  • For Broadband: BB)
  • Step 4: Send it to 05 1218 1218
  • Step 5: Receive complaint registration number
  • e.g., type : CMP 042 3586 XXXX BB
  • Type “HELP” and send it to 05 1218 1218

Ptcl complaint SMS

2. PTCL Complaint Registration through Call

To approach the PTCL helpline through your mobile or your landline number, dial 1218, and you will connect to PTCL agents at their call center. It takes a few minutes to connect the call. Sometimes it takes a few minutes longer than usual due to a caller’s queue trying to reach the helpline representative.

Call toll-free number: 080080800 Another Number for Call: 1218

Follow the provided instructions by the PTCL in recorded voice. Enter your PTCL number with your area code as provided in the instruction. Your complaint will register or be forwarded to the relevant office by the call center representative.

3. Get Help through Live Chat

If you want to register a complaint through live chat, PTCL live chat is for those who want to connect with PTCL customer support in real-time and resolve your issues. This is a very easy and straightforward way to contact the PTCL helpline to register your complaints. Live support agents are only available from 9 am to 9 pm from Monday to Saturday.

For a live chat, click PTCL Live Chat

4. PTCL Online Complaint

You can view and track your complaints. May you be facing the related to these services or products of PTCL.

  1. Internet
  2. 3G EVO
  3. Smart TV
  4. Vfone
  5. Charji
  6. PTCL Fiber Internet
  7. PTCL Fiber Smart TV
  8. PTCL Fiber Telephone

To register your PTCL online complaint, visit the official PTCL website. You will get a form there. Fill it by following the given instructions below.

  • Visit the official PTCL complaint register forum page
  • You will see the form there as shown below
  • In the product field, choose the service for which you want to lodge the complaint
  • Then enter your city code for landline, and in the next field, enter your phone number
  • In the email field, enter your email address to get a response from PTCL officials.

PTCL online complaint registration

How to Check PTCL Complaint Status?

After registering your complaint, you can also check your PTCL complaint status online by visiting PTCL’s official website. Follow the instructions given below to check your reported complaints.

  • Visit the official PTCL complaint status page
  • You can see a form on your page
  • In the product field, choose the service for which you registered your complaint
  • Then provide your phone number with your city code
  • In the complaint no field, enter the PTCL complaint number which you had received when you made a complaint
  • Then click on the view status, you will see the status of your complaint

PTCL complaint status

If you want to know your city code, click PTCL City Code List and find your city code.

PTCL Helpline Numbers – Complaint

These PTCL helpline numbers are used to submit complaints and queries for products and services. These numbers work 24/7. Phone numbers are used for landline problems, smart TV complaints, broadband issues.

New service requirement or purchase assistance 1218
To Update Directory Inquiry 0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline 111 28 28 28
Corporate Helpline Number 1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information 1200
Inquiry or directory services 1217
PTCL Complaint registration / help on fault 1218
Assistance on all services 1218


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