Ufone SMS Packages

ufone sms packages

There are many Ufone SMS packages that are offered by Ufone in order to fulfill their customer needs. Now you can avail daily buckets, 3 days buckets, weekly, monthly and 45 days buckets with number of free SMS, free MBs and On-Net and Off-Net minutes as per your choice and needs. Few Ufone SMS Packages are also offering free Social media applications such as WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook.

Ufone Daily SMS Package

Ufone SMS Packages (daily) includes many packages with prices and other details of Package and activation codes.

Package Name                                                                 Ufone SMS package Code                      Details Prices  
Ufone Power Hour                                                             Dial *99#                                      60 SMS, 60 on-net min,60 MBs             Rs 6
Ufone Super Recharge Package Dial *300#                                       300 SMS, 300 on-net min,10 off-net min, 100 MBs                    Rs 45
Ufone Night SMS Package                                     SMS “Sub” to 609                                                 300 SMS                                       Rs 1  
Ufone Daily On-net SMS Package                                                                                  SMS “Sub” to 611          500 SMS                                  Rs 2+tax
Daily SMS Package Ufone           SMS “Sub” to 605                                      1600                       Rs 4.99    

Daily WhatsApp Bundles With SMS

Dial *630# and get 10,000 Free SMS with Unlimited MBs of WhatsApp with a validity of 24 hours with a price of Rs 5.

To Unsubscribe this offer just dial *6301#

Ufone daily SMS Package with Free WhatsApp:

Package Name    Activation Code                                          Details Prices  
Social Daily  Dial *4422#                                                      100 MBs for WhatsApp,
Facebook & Twitter
Rs 6  
Daily Chat         Dial *3465#                                                         500 MBs for WhatsApp,
10,000 SMS
Rs 6
Special Daily                                             Dial *3461# 500 MBs for WhatsApp, 
Facebook, Twitter & Line +
50 MBs internet (1am-9pm)                                           
Rs 6
Daily Light    Dial *2256#                                                         500 MBs for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Twitter & Line+   40 MBs for internet   
Rs 12
Daily Heavy                                                                 Dial *2258#   500 MBs for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Twitter & Line+
75 MBs for internet  
Rs 18  

3 days WhatsApp Bundles with SMS

Package Name                                                                  

Activation Code                                         
Details Price
3 days Bucket      Dial *3350#  500 MBs for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Twitter & Line +
100 MBs internet                                                      
Rs 30

Ufone Weekly SMS Package

Ufone 7 days SMS Package have the validity for 1 week, Weekly Ufone SMS packages subscription codes, prices and details are listed below.

Package Name                                                                                          
Ufone SMS package Code Details Prices
Ufone Weekly SMS Package SMS “Sub” to 608                                                  1200 SMS                                 Rs 10
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer  Dial 5050#                                   100 SMS, 100 On-Net min,1000 MBs                      Rs 80  

Ufone Weekly WhatsApp Bundle

By Dialing *7811# you can get 250 MBs of internet for social media applications which includes WhatsApp, Twitter, Line & Facebook in Rs 50. There are no free SMS included in this weekly whatsApp bundle.

Ufone 15 days SMS Package:

Package Name                                                                
Ufone SMS package Code                      Details Price
15 days SMS Package                                              SMS “Sub” to 603                                          10,000 SMS                            Rs 30+tax

Ufone Monthly SMS Package

Ufone is offering a Monthly SMS Package in order to fulfill customer needs.

Package Name                                                                

Ufone SMS package Code                          
Details Price
Ufone SMS Monthly Package                                  SMS “Sub” to 607                                                20000 SMS                               Rs 80

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Bundle

Package Name                                                                  

Activation Code                                         
Details Prices
Social Monthly              Dial *5858#           1 GB for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Line & Twitter                                               
Rs 60
Monthly Light       Dial *7807#    2 GB for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Line & Twitter,
   1 GB internet        
Rs 390               
Monthly Light Cash back offer                                     Dial *3# and follow 
the instructions   
2 GB for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Line & Twitter + 
1 GB internet & Rs 50
Rs 250  
Monthly Heavy    Dial *803#                    2 GB for WhatsApp,            
Facebook, Line &  Twitter + 
3 GB internet
Rs 780
Monthly Max                 Dial *5100#                                              2 GB for WhatsApp,
Facebook, Line & Twitter +
10 GB internet
Rs 1560  

Ufone 45 Days SMS Package

Ufone offers 45 days SMS Bucket to their prepaid customers in order to give relaxation.

Package Name                                                                
Ufone SMS Package Code                           Details Prices
Ufone 45-Days SMS Feast                  SMS “Sub” to 614                                          30,000 SMS                         Rs 99   

Ufone Yearly SMS Bundle:

Now Ufone customers could avail a yearly Package of Unlimited SMS without worrying about the expiry of the package for the whole year.

Package Name                                                                

Ufone SMS Package Code                          
Details Prices
Yearly SMS Package    SMS “Sub” to 601                                             Unlimited SMS                      Rs 666+tax

Ufone SMS Packages for Postpaid Customers

Package Name                                                               
Ufone SMS package Code                          Details Prices
Ufone Monthly Postpaid Package                        SMS “Sub” to 610    
10,000 SMS                        
Rs 150+tax       

Send Blank SMS to 8606 and check your remaining bundle volume, it will cost you 50 paisa + tax. This Postpaid SMS package would expires automatically after 1 month.

Ufone SMS Check

While using Ufone SMS Packages, Ufone allow their customers to check their SMS bundle usage or remaining SMS count by sending blank message to 606 that will cost 0.5 paisa excluding tax. After sending the message to 606, it takes maximum 30 minutes of duration to get response message from Ufone Helpline.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Daily SMS bucket would be subscribed regularly after 24 hours if you have sufficient balance in your account.
  • SMS Packages do not include International SMS.
  • To Unsubscribe daily SMS buckets and any time just Type “Unsub” and send it to 506
  • Weekly Ufone SMS Packages could be Unsubscribed by typing “Unsub” and sending it to 8066.
  • Above discussed prices of few packages are excluding GST.
  • Ufone Prepaid customers can only Subscribe to a single package at a time.

You can chat, share pictures, documents and videos in WhatsApp bundles but if you want to do video callings you would be charged for this.

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