April 10, 2024
ufone book my number

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Once again, Ufone is here to reserve your favourite number, Ufone Book My Number. In this service, you can choose any of your favourite Ufone numbers. Now you can purchase Ufone SIM online and shipped it to your house. While buying a SIM with Ufone My App, you can book unique numbers online for free and premium numbers can buy at a discount price.

If you picked a new number, you would get new plans and packages at low prices that you won’t find anywhere.

Once you purchase a new sim now, it is your choice that you send it to your doorstep for free or pick it at your business centre.

Ufone customers can book their Ufone numbers online, entered their desired numbers, and the Ufone system will show you the list of available Ufone numbers with codes from which you can select and reserve them at a time.

As a result, customers choose their lucky numbers, wedding dates, birthdays, house numbers, etc. go and grab your favourite number via the internet.

How to Book Ufone Number?

Now order your sim via My Ufone App. Read and follow these steps to request an online Ufone number SIM via App.

  • My Ufone App is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  • After downloading, enter the login details.
  • You can see the “Buy SIM” option at the top navigation menu.
  • After clicking Buy SIM, you can see the option to check available phone numbers. You can choose between the luxury number and the standard number.
  • There are few steps to monitoring your phone number:


  • In a few days, your SIM will be ship to your doorstep.
  • You have to complete the biometric check and pay for the SIM card.

Book Your Favourite Ufone Number Online

Here is another simple way to book your Ufone golden numbers online.

  • Book your Ufone number or favorite number online.
  • Enter the 4 to 7 digit number of your choice (without code).
  • Being a quest.
  • When opens, choose a number from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter your CNIC to reserve it.
  • Your Ufone number can be allocated and send to any Ufone support center within five days.

Book Ufone Number Via SMS

You can book your favorite Ufone number via SMS. The procedure is simple and easy.

To reserve your unique Ufone number, dial *0000# from your Ufone phone number and follow the prompts. The charges of dialing *0000# are 1+ tax.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rs. 1+ tax will be charged whenever you dial *0000#
  • The booked number must be pick from Ufone Service Centre or the Ufone franchise within five days. Otherwise, the booking will be canceled automatically.
  • While purchasing a SIM card customer must provide a valid CNIC.
  • The buyer must pay the purchasing price as well as applicable taxes.
  • This service is available for all prepaid and post-paid customers.
  • Booking a number depends on the availability of stock.
  • No charges apply on booking Ufone number from Ufone’s website.
  • Ufone has the right to cancel or change the offer.


Ufone has the best service, Ufone book my number for its customers. Now customers can book the golden Ufone number online, and the sim will be sent to their address. Ufone book my number give you relieve from long sim buying procedure. Now, book and purchase a golden Ufone number easily with some click.

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