May 17, 2024
Ufone balance share


Ufone Ushare

Ufone is Pakistan’s telecom mobile limited company providing the best services to all the customers in Pakistan. It has many exciting packages of SMS packages, internet packages, and call packages at cheap rates. In this content, you will know about something amazing, the Ufone balance share service known as Ushare by Ufone.

Ufone allows you to share your balance with your Ufone friend in only one dial the balance share service. So now you can share your credit with your friends and family in an easy process. This super fantastic Ushare service is helpful if you are in an emergency or the other Ufone user.

Ufone Balance Share Code




Price Rs. 2.99 + Tax
Max Share Limit Rs 600/Transaction
Max Amount Transferred Per Day 600
Ufone Balance Share Code *828#


How to share Ufone balance?

Ufone balance share method is easy and quick. Ufone balance share code is *828*Number*Amount#. For example: if you are sharing 10 rupees, dial *828*Number*20#. All prepaid customers can transfer the balance with any other Ufone customer using this method. So let’s see more info about balance share.

U Share or Ufone to Ufone Balance Share Code by Dialing:


  • Dial *828*Number*Amount# for transfer balance
  • Enter the amount you want to send to other
  • After dialing the above code, a message will be prompted on your screen, then reply with 1 to agree to share the balance with your friend
  • You can share a minimum of Rs. 10
  • The maximum amount you can share is Rs. 600
  • Customers can make a maximum of four transfers in one day
  • Balance share charges are Rs.2.99 +Tax
  • This offer is available for prepaid customers
  • After sharing, both sides will get a confirmation message


Ufone Balance Share Service Details

Ufone is the national telecom service provider, Ufone offers a variety of packages and services like UShare. It is common to run out of balance, and sometimes we need urgent balance, so Ushare service is a great option. If you run out of balance, any Ufone friend can share your money in your account with service charges of Rs. 2.99 + tax.

The minimum sharing amount is starting from Rs. 10 and can be share up to Rs. 600. You can transfer money four times a day, but it is necessary to use the Ushare amount till the valid date; otherwise, the Ushare will be expired.

There is also a service you can use in an emergency called ULoan it is also known as UAdvance. Uadvance gives you a loan when you are running low. Ufone subscribers can get Rs. 20, whose balance drops below Rs. 11.95.

There are many services for you, so stay connected with Ufone and enjoy super exciting services at low prices. Ufone is providing his services in 9000+ areas of Pakistan.

If you are looking for other ufone packages like Ufone whatsapp packages there are many other packages.

Terms and Condition


  • Terms and conditions applied
  • The shared balance must be used before the validity date; otherwise, your shared balance will expire
  • For Ufone balance inquiry, dial *124#
  • The customer has must Rs. 5 minimum in his account after sharing the balance
  • Balance transfer with Ushare will not have any effect on the B-party subscriber validity period
  • Your SIM is your identity, so use the SIM issued through biometric verification-PTA
  • Using SIM without documentation is a crime-PTA



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